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The grown children of Operation Pedro Pan currently living in the State of California started having very pleasant get-togethers during 2005 and it is looking like a great success. New friends are being made every time and entire families are enjoying each other's companies. 
For photos and stories go to


The information your Editor/Publisher had offered to catalog 10 years ago gratis has finally been organized by the Miami Herald and published on Sunday May 17th, 2009. This was done jointly with the Cuba Nostalgia celebration and it was certainly well-received, the folks at the paper having gotten close to 120,000 hits in the first 4 days! [Only YouTube can compete with that!] The one million-hit mark was reached on Thanksgiving Day 2009!
The database has approximately 13,500 full names (although it claims many more as almost 600 names are repeated and are being s-l-o-w-l-y corrected) culled from the George Guarch Airport Log, and it also has the date of arrival and the destination at the time of arrival, whether to a Miami-Dade temporary site such as Camp Matecumbe, Kendall or Florida City; or whether the arrival went with family or a friend.
The Guarch Log is possibly the most important document of our exodus as it catalogs our first moment of freedom in this great new country. James Baker and Father Walsh may have been our saviors but the welcome committee of one, George Guarch, is the first smiling face we saw in the US and the first hug some of the little children received. His dedication and care were unique! To get to this long-awaited information website go to
The Herald has been publishing hundreds of letters sent in since that day and the Pedro Pan Administrator is doing a good job of helping those people who write in with queries.


Caraballo Province Habana Cuba (website retired)
Pedro Gutiérrez (Matecumbe-Austin,TX) lives in Houston. Website had pictures, jokes, and other interest.


The V.V.C. Group (website retired)
This website commemorated the Albuquerque scholarship in Villa Virgen del Cobre.
Website had an excellent  Musical background, reunion pictures, etc.


                                                      THE FIRST 40

                                      ANOTHER 40

                                       1982 REUNION


                                     1987 REUNION

                                AFTER THE MASS - 1987 REUNION

                          MANNY GORDON'S FAVORITE PIC

En Noviembre de 1999 se reúnen en Matecumbe tres villacobrenses; Rafael Carvajal
("El Magnífico"), Álvaro García ("El Profesor") y Ángel Carballo ("El Pillo"). Carvajal encontró la esquina de la acera de concreto donde grabara su nombre en el 1962.


NEBRASKA CUBAN CONNECTION (under construction)
This site contains information and pictures of pedropaneros in Lincoln (both in Cristo Rey, St. Thomas Orphanage and other families) and David City, Nebraska. A memory to honor Father Tucheck, "Papito".
For pictures see the Events section for the 2005 NCC reunion.

November 2000 - Jorge Pajoba, Emilio Subil, Manny Gutiérrez, Santos Gómez in Camp Matecumbe.



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